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Practically all the prisoners in scores of jails were liberated either by the destruction of jails or in the confusion that followed the earthquake. No news has been received from ten torpedo boats which were moored at Messina and probably were sunk. Destruction by tidal wave at Catania was almost as severe as at Messina.

Everything along the shore was wrecked and shipping was completely destroyed. The loss of life at Catania however was very slight.

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Nothing has been heard from the Lipari Islands and as they were in the line of disturbance it is feared great havoc was wrought. The destruction of Messina was due in greater part to tidal wave than to the earthquake according to a train load of refugees who arrived at Catania from Messina this morning.

Gigantic waves overwhelmed the city and completed its ruin.

Recent Earthquakes Near Messina, Sicily, Italy

Part of the city literally dropped into the sea. Refugees say that the number of dead officially given at eighteen hundred is far too small and should be twelve thousand. The Hotel Trinacria which had ninety guests, the town hall, the bourse, the telegraph office, postoffice and barracks were destroyed. In addition to an enormous death roll resulting from the shocks and tidal wave, there is sure to be an army of fatalities from exposure and starvation. Thousands of half naked, starving and shelterless refugees now swarm the country districts around the stricken towns.

ROME -- In its late edition today the Tribune here estimates the number of earthquake victims at between 65, and 75, dead and twice that many injured or in want or suffering from exposure. It is feared that hundreds of inhabitants are still alive under ruins and are doomed to perish in flames that are sweeping what is left of the city.

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Signs of volcanic activity was noticed today in Mount Aetna and it is feared an eruption in imminent. UPI Archives.

By United Press. These layers were probably formed during past tsunami, when sediments were eroded from the beach and then transported by the backwash currents into the bay.

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December 28, 1908: The Tsunami of Messina

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