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Because Project Based Learning works.

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It engages students in learning that is deep and long-lasting. PBL can be transformative for students — especially those furthest from educational opportunity. Read more stories. Learn about partnerships. View the projects.


Get the planner. And more resources to support Project Based Learning. See more resources. Formerly a high school English teacher, Dr.

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Mark Wagner has since served as an educational technology coordinator at the site, district, and county levels. He now serves as President and CEO of the EdTechTeam, a global network of educational technologists which provides professional development and consulting services to learning institutions, non-profits, and for-profit education companies. They aim to inspire and empower other educators to do the same. In this capacity, Dr. In addition, he works directly with school districts, independent schools, and other organizations that provide educational products and services.

Mark Wagner has a Ph. His doctoral research focused on the use of video games in education, and specifically on the potential applications of massively multiplayer online role-playing games MMORPGs as constructivist learning environments. We use cookies to provide a personalized experience. To learn more, please review our Privacy Policy. Buy Now. About the Author.

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Karen Lirenman. Kristen Wideen. In this presentation, Dr. When used in Dr. The instructor will show how to adapt his method to other disciplines.

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This session is interactive and it is intended to be a canvas upon which participants can sketch their own masterpieces. This session is repeated in Session Three. In an effort to guide students to credible sources, we may specify the exact formats students should use, such as peer-reviewed journals, books, or even just books published by an academic press.

What benefits do dual-credit classes offer? This session will dive into the most effective way to achieve the benefits of duel-credit while also addressing the downsides of this practice and what policies should be reconsidered. Morrison will explain what current research says and offer suggestions for best practices.

Cooperative Learning is not a new way of teaching. The Johnson brothers have been coaching educators on ways to improve classroom engagement for over 40 years and have traveled the world teaching their theories.

Cooperative Learning is often referred to as Active Learning and this session will help educators activate classrooms using tools that encourage group work in a way that leads to the success of all. Learn the basics of cooperative learning and try several tips that the Drs. Johnson has been coaching for almost half a century. This session is repeated in Session Two. Our interactive session will discuss best practices for implementing inclusive icebreakers and energizers that humanize students and the educator.

Do your students struggle to understand how to interpret documents and what they mean in history? This session will look at new strategies to get students to think about the analysis of historical documents, and, in the process, create a historical narrative from their analysis- regardless of academic level! Enjoy this session that includes valuable tools for your new classroom.

Palacios will guide you in finding ways to journey through teacher-tested resources while avoiding the rabbit holes in technology. Plus, we will help you find balance in teaching the curriculum while exciting your students by integrating technology and the arts: visuals, music, dance, and drama! These ideas will help you stay on a solid path as you lead diverse students in their learning each day. During this session, you will create your own unique tools that work specifically for you and your discipline.

Effective collaborative activities create critical thinkers and build community. Learn how to craft team assignments using specific roles to ensure equal participation from each student.

A teaching technique for the 21st Century - Dr. Pravin Bhatia - TEDxNagpur

And discover simple tips for making both face-to-face and virtual course materials accessible to students of various abilities with an eye toward Universal Design. Learn to use GradeCam to give instant feedback to students and never have a student leave class without knowing how they did on an exam. Come see how you can use GradeCam to track student progress and analyze data to enhance your teaching. Not only does NASA send astronauts to space, but it also has resources that teachers on Earth can use to bring classes to life and create hands-on active learning!

Teaching online courses can be even more challenging than teaching face-to-face. In order to be successful, you must find a way to substitute the absence of the lecture, discussion, and other interactions that take place in the classroom. This presentation will deal with ideas that can be used to fill this important gap.

Learning is not just about the transfer of knowledge. Successful learning involves creating a dynamic Community with a common purpose and a goal to work together for individual and group success. Individual students may require small group activities within larger group efforts.

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Plus students need to use both written and verbal communication in Community projects. Eventually, students realize they can rely less on faculty experts because they themselves are empowered to have their own opinions and can give and receive assistance from the Community.

The ultimate goal is self-managed learning and the joy that it brings to both the student and the Community. Take a step back in time or a giant leap into the future through virtual reality experiences in education!


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These educational experiences can be individual or team or group work; the opportunities are limitless! VR applications impact critical thinking, collaboration, and retention. Get ready for hands-on — No, for goggles on participation in this presentation. Looking for ideas to help your students get actively involved in their own learning? Join us for this interactive session which will explore activities designed to encourage student motivation and interest at the beginning of the lesson cycle.